Jane T. Schroeder

Wouldn't it be great if we could feel energized and fully engaged in our work every day? At JTSchroeder Consulting we not only believe that's possible, we help people find ways to achieve and sustain it. Our strength-based career counseling and coaching inspires you to find fulfillment in your daily work and encourages you toward a lifetime of meaningful, intentional career choices and development.

Our clients are at every stage of the career continuum...from new career talent to seasoned professionals. In short...we work with anyone who is committed to becoming and staying intentional about their career development. Some of the individuals we help include:

  1. New graduates who are just visioning and launching their first career
  2. Individuals from all functional areas, industries and levels of position in the midst of, or anticipating, career transition due to...
    • Loss of job
    • Mid-life discontent
    • Workforce re-entry
    • New employment/leadership role
    • Soon-to-be retirees eager to begin an encore career
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